Rhonda, I admire your dedication to the group and your willingness to step up and make it the best that you can. You have great leadership skills in the group and in educating your children. Thanks for putting in the effort to make SHOUT special. 
Jessica A., SHOUT homeschool group 2018

I can’t thank you enough for your leadership over the past two years. My family and I have so enjoyed all of the carefully planned and well thought out field trips! Your attention to detail is impeccable and I personally feel blessed to have not only your leadership but also your friendship in my life.

I think it is amazing how you weave curriculums together, take them apart, and put them back together to make them work for you … like the way you did with Polished Cornerstones.  I admire how you are able to customize curriculums and other materials to match the needs and goals of your children in homeschool.
Ashli O., SHOUT homeschool group 2018

Thank you, Rhonda, for sharing your knowledge and experiences in learning languages with the great resources. I especially think it's interesting to learn how we learn at different ages and appreciate the insight …  
Lynn D., SHOUT Mentor Meeting 2018

Professor and/or Teacher

She is very engaged professor who has always [been available] for any advice, questions, or concerns.
 Dr. Davis has always been more than willing to help me out anytime.  
She is extremely knowledgeable in her field …   
She has given me the tools that I need to succeed … 
She believes in all of her students and has encouraged me through my studies 100% of the time.  She is a very professional, intelligent, honest, and caring individual. 
Regina D., Graduate Speech Language Pathology Student 2007
Dr. Davis always went above and beyond teaching the basic lessons for the day. 
Dr. Davis truly understood and remembered the pressures and burdens of being a student …  
… she always reassured and encouraged us that we would get through and succeed … 
… she helped me perfect my time management skills …  
One of the most important things she has taught me is … we are advocates for those who cannot speak out and stand up for themselves; we have the ability to change their lives for the better.  I can still recall the time when she first told this to me; I believe this was the single moment that I realized this was my purpose in life and I was heading in the right career path.  … I considered Dr. Davis to be my mentor.
Patricia R., Graduate Speech Language Pathology Student, UTEP 2007
Dr. Davis was an invaluable resource
She is one of the few professors who are able to relate to students and demonstrates her concern and interest in their needs.
She leads by example and never hesitates to go above and beyond what her duties entail. 
She is extremely knowledgeable in a variety of areas in and outside the field of Speech Pathology
The most important attribute Dr. Davis possesses is the ability to inspire those around her.    
Kali S., Undergraduate Speech Language Pathology Student, UTEP 2007
There aren’t enough words to tell you how much I admire you.  … I know that everything you have taught me will always be kept close at heart.  Your teaching and encouragement will be missed.
Samantha A., Undergraduate Speech Language Pathology Student, UTEP 2007
I don’t think there are enough “Thank yous” out there to truly express how grateful I am to you … I appreciated your patience so much … 
I only hope that I can present myself with the sort of confidence and knowledge that you present yourself.  I really admire that!
Nicole, S. Undergraduate Speech Language Pathology Student, PSU 2004

Speech Language Pathologist

I thank God all the time for putting you in our life.  Andrew’s life is so much fuller because of you.  He is really taking off on the computer and trying very hard to express himself.
Jeannie H., Grandparent raising severely disabled grandson 2002

Andrew H.  2017 ***written as a young man 15 years after God brought me into his life.  He is currently a college graduate.  I am so proud of him.  I knew he could do it!

… thank you for everything you’ve done for Chris and me. If it wasn’t for you, I probably still wouldn’t of known anything about “boards”. You were the best thing that happened to Chris and his speech.  I’m thrilled at how far he’s come.
Bill, Debbie, Chris E. 2002
Thank you, Rhonda, for helping me to do on the computer fast [AAC].  I think you are nice.  Have good college Rhonda’s bird is so cute. Have a good time😊
Paige S. 2002, written when she was nine years old. ***she is an amazing young woman who now writes and illustrates books despite her severe, physical disabilities.  It is an honor to call her and her family friends.
It has been a pleasure working with you. You have been such a great inspiration-mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  I admire your courage …   
2001 Stacy S. Occupational Therapist 2001
Rhonda, you encourage, appreciate, recognize people’s efforts, advise, and assist. Having a boss like you makes all the difference.  You’re doing a great job! I really appreciate your support and help.
Nancy O. Occupational Therapist, 2002
[Rhonda worked with a girl with a severe traumatic brain injury] she perceived concealed potential.  This resulted in an entirely patient centered approach to therapy.  To the nursing staff this approach appeared almost miraculous. 
… Rhonda’s skills were also illustrated to her work with patients who had experienced C.V.A. [stroke]. …  She collected data on treatment effects and drew conclusions based on her analysis of the results.  I believe that this is indicative of her inquiring mind and drive to explain behavioral processes.  Her approach demonstrates the self-confidence and persistence which are characteristic of her work.  Her treatment has exceptional complexity and is unique to each patient, producing functional gains and increased quality of life. 
I value Rhonda’s capacity to apply her considerable intellectual ability to problem solve in creative ways, resulting in practical solutions. 
Jennifer C. 2000, certified Speech Language Pathologist
She made theoretical connections automatically and generalized to both research and clinical applications. Her background in working with children with severe disabilities brought depth and context to many of our classroom discussions.   … In any context, she is already an asset to the field of speech/language pathology.
Sylvia D. Ph.D. 2001, certified Speech Language Pathologist 2001
I am so grateful that Rhonda Davis is Kelli’s therapist. Kelli has progressed more since Rhonda has been working with her than she did all the time she was in the other institutions.  Rhonda has also become my “Rock”. She has helped me understand the “phases” of recovery [of traumatic brain injury], what to expect and how to cope.  Rhonda has worked hard with Kelli to help her start to be the “best she can be”[she is quoting Rhonda] and I know we have just begun to see the results of her hard work.  (I would like to interject here that when Kelli was in the _____hospital I was told she would be in a persistent vegetative state—How Wrong They Were!).
I know that Kelli would not be as far along as she is now if it were not for Rhonda. … I don’t know what either of us would do without her.  [your healthcare facility] should feel very fortunate to have such a conscientious, hard-working you lady on the staff as Rhonda Davis. 
The tragedy that Kelli has experienced can never be reversed, however the therapy she is now receiving must be commended.
Gail R. 1996

Deaf Ministry

I appreciate how you are always so willing to help and support me [with the Deaf Ministry].
Paula E., 2018
I just wanted to write a letter to you to let you know I appreciate all you are trying to do with the Deaf Ministry.  … You are a great listener. …  You have listened and have not shown frustration … You’re a good leader.  God has given you that skill.  THANKS FOR YOUR WORK.
2002 Christine T. Signer in Deaf Ministry
Did you get my letter explaining why I want to learn to sign?? … I can now (because of your help) sign to my sister.  I am the only one in a family of 12 who can communicate with her. … I can visit my sister alone now and communicate with her just fine.  … I hope I made you feel good to be a help for me and [my sister]. Thanks!
Cathy R. American Sign Language student, 2001


I want to thank you, not just for the time you gave, but for being a willing servant of the Lord.  The Lord gives all His children special gifts to be used to serve Him but not all of us do it.  But you give your time and talent and God bless you for that.
Bill R. American Sign Language student, 2001

Moms in Ministry (Preschool Ministry Outreach)

You encourage me.  Thanks for being friendly. Nicole G., 2010

Generous spirit. Jenny B., 2010

Courageous! Tracy R., 2010

Extremely generous and spiritually inspiring! Walma S., 2010

Nonjudgmental, very giving, a good listener, and sweet friend. Barbra G., 2010

You are Godly! Encouraging! Debbie E., 2010

Outgoing, knowledgeable on many levels, good listener, inspiring! Christine D., 2010

Music Ministry

I want to thank you again for another wonderful year in Sunday School and choir.  May God bless you so richly for all your hard work and enthusiasm this year and every year.  You use your gifts to greater His kingdom.
Karolyn, W., Choir Assistant, AWANA Director 2018

It has been such a pleasure and privilege to serve our Lord and Savior with you!
Vicky P., Choir Assistant 2018

Thank you again for a creatively fabulous year for the 2nd grade choir.  Thank you for being flexible when needed.  Mostly, thank you for mentoring your helpers.
Melanie S., Children’s Music Coordinator at a large local church 2018

We can’t tell you enough how much we have enjoyed your musical talent over the past years … [as church pianist]
Jo and E.G. A., regarding being church pianist 1995

These testimonials were written by numerous individuals in different situations.  Many of them are lengthy.  For the purpose of space and clarity, I paraphrased or edited comments. If you would like the longer, more detailed, version 😊, please contact me.  I will send you a copy. 

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