So how’s your Spiritual Health?

I asked that question to a Mom’s in Ministry group I was leading years ago.  Those young, new moms glanced around the room and casually arranged the papers for the handouts.  Cue the chirping crickets please!  The silence was deafening.  The question still stands though.  How IS your spiritual health?  When was the last time you had a spiritual checkup?  Have you had a visit with the Great Physician? 

As odd as it sounds, these are really important questions!  It is so easy to feed our spirit a diet of new age junk food—even at church!  Maybe you are feeding your spirit the equivalent of milk toast:  one part burnt carbohydrate with a dribble of healthy milk.  What would that look like? One part stale worship experience for less than an hour once a week with a slurp of quick prayers and short devotion readings the rest of the days. 

If you went in for a spiritual check up with Jesus, what would He say?

“Well it is good to see you.  I haven’t seen you since…. Well it has been a really long time.

Let’s review your systems.  You are overweight.  I noticed you have not been applying anything I have been teaching you so you haven’t been exercising your faith.  Perhaps you could start doing some of the things I tell you to do.  It would be great if you would get involved in ministry projects with other people.  You would get to exercise all those great Bible verses you were memorizing.  Did you get around to memorizing all those prescriptions er, verses?  No? Well, my medicines won’t help if you don’t take them. 

That can happen when you don’t get enough exercise.  It can also happen when you carry all the stress yourself.  Remember, I said I would make your burdens light.  You just need to trust me and walk with me. 

I see that you have developed a heart condition.  You have fat deposits on your heart and you now have a heart murmur.  The fat is from consuming too much junk food from the world and not exercising which we just talked about.  However, this murmur concerns me.  These start small.  It could be a little complaint or grumble pent up inside the heart.  If left untreated, it can impact every part of your being.  I want you to start a praise and prayer regiment three times a day to see if your heart issues can be resolved. 

One last thing, I am concerned about your diet.  Your physical diet is fair but your spiritual diet is poor.  You need more than just a slurp of God’s milk a week.  I want you to get fed my food, my Bread, my Water, my Milk, daily.  If you will consume me and my Word instead of the junk food dribble offered via, phones, TV’s, radios, and self-proclaimed spiritualists, you would feel better, be stronger, and be on the right path I made for you. 

I love you and I know you can get moving in the right direction with my help.  Are you ready to get started?”

Ouch, I have had similar conversations with my Great Physician when He course corrects me.  I hope that my parody served a purpose for you: what are you doing to feed and improve your spiritual health.  These posts are about topics and ideas that God has taught me.  I hope they encourage you and spark a change for a deeper relationship with Christ, the Great Physician.