Life at Home

I often talk on this website about “I never thought I would be doing ____ in my life”.  Homeschool would be one of those blanks.  I grew up in a typical suburbia household and attended public school.  In the last century, the public school system was crowded, difficult but manageable.  I got a decent education albeit limited.  I covered all the basics and had enough education to launch into college.  It did not meet my personal academic needs or goals.  I was crowded into classroom with mostly well behaved children but even I noticed the tide changing in high school.  I was provided a godless education so creation was not tolerated.  Neither was prayer unless you joined the “Christian Club”.  I had a few friends but I was equally harassed like anyone else that was not the “most popular” or  “most whatever was important” at the time.  My creativity was discouraged.  I had good teachers, mediocre teachers, and terrible teachers that should have been yanked from the classroom.  This probably describes the education of most people my age.  Homeschool was not an option.  My mother has said several times that she had never heard of homeschooling when I was growing up.  It did exist though.

Later, I worked in public schools.  That was an eye-opening experience.  I decided very quickly that if God blessed me with children, they would not be going to the modern public school.  I had some dealings with private schools and gradually came to realize that they were not that different.

Then, God gave me girls.  Two wonderful blessings of joy.  We laughed and played.  We read books and counted.  We took nature walks.  We did experiments.  We enjoyed learning and exploring together.  People started bugging us to put the girls “in” school.  We were treated by some people as bad parents because we did not “educate” our children.  I started feeling badly about what I was doing.  Maybe I was not doing enough to educate my preschool daughter and toddler.  Perhaps I did not know enough about how to educate a child (okay we will pause and let you laugh at that one if you have read the "About Rhonda Davis" page.  Everyone feels insecure sometimes!)  I realized through screening lots of programs that not only was I educating my children, I was educating them well.  Furthermore, they were ahead of the local programs.  I had heard of homeschooling and started discussing the idea with my husband.

Homeschooling for us has been a natural event that has sprung from my husband’s and my love of learning and our responsibility to educate our children on all fronts.  We have made our share of blunders.  We have our share of successes.  We face challenges with the idea that God is first and learning about the world He created is important.  We filter everything in our homeschool through God first.  At the same time, we want our girls to have the knowledge and skills to be functional adults and lifelong learners.  We get it right most days but not always.

These posts are regarding the topics and experiences we have in homeschooling.  I share what worked and did not work for us. Although I have gotten our homeschool into its own groove, I do not feel that I am a homeschool expert.  I am a learner myself since my girls are still in school—I have not graduated anyone yet!  I hope you find these posts helpful in your journey as you learn how to homeschool as well.