As I sit with this blank page thinking about physical health, I am stumped.  Physical health takes on so many different ideas for each person.  So many of us have very complex health needs.  We learn this tidbit from this expert and that tidbit from the other.  This guy thinks his plan is THE way to be healthy and that woman says her plan is THE BEST. Even the government touts a plan—warning flags there!  Each expert thinks his/her way is the right/best/ONLY way.  I got to wondering, what did God say?  Is there “only” one way to have good health?

                I have been studying His way regarding physical health for years.  Here it is in a nutshell: The only way to know God’s way for your health is to ask God.   Yep.  That was easy.  So I asked.

                I learned that God presents three very different diets in the Bible and a few clarifications.  Here are the three diets:

                Garden of Eden Diet: botanical fruits from trees.  This diet was replaced by next diet.

                Fall of Man Diet: all plants.  No animals or animal products.  This diet was replaced by next diet.

                Post Noah Diet: all plants and animal products such as meat and dairy. 

                 I talk about these topics and God’s clarifications more extensively in my book I hope to have published soon. 

Three diets were designed and built on top of each other.  So which diet is the “best” diet?  Ask God.  It may appear overly simple but humans make things overly complex.  Here are some lessons I’m learning on my diet journey with God:

                God does not follow my wants and desires.  He has His own plan.

            His plan for me may be different than the plan He has for you for food and I can be okay with it.

            Trusting Him in the little things such as morsels of food develops my trust on big things. 

                This journey has been so slow!  The payoff has been tremendous.  I feel healthier.  I take less medications.  I lost weight and I was not even trying.   My kids take no medications.  He taught me other ways to heal my body outside traditional western medicine.  He trained me how to blend traditional medicine and home executed healthcare that is balanced for my family. 

                After much prayer and study, God revealed the diet below works well for my family. Our family definitely eats different than the modern American diet. Someone asked me if I was eating kosher once.  I smiled and said, “Maybe through the back door.” I have not converted or left my God to do my own thing. I have asked God to lead.  We eat quality meats but no scavenger meats. We eat mostly plants.  We eat very few grains and beans. When we do, we soak them for better nutrition. We avoid foods that God wanted sacrificed to him. 

                Additionally, we eat little to no processed sugar.  When we have ‘sugar’ it has an extremely low glycemic index.  We eat as organically as possible within the confines of budget and availability.  We avoid manmade products as much as possible.  We eliminated soy in all forms from our diet.   

                 Do I think everyone should eat just like me? No.  I do think that if people stop think, pray, and seek, God will reveal a similar diet.  Perhaps not identical, but similar. 

                In my book, I explain the Bible verses that brought me to this point.  I also explain research findings discussing the same conclusions I learned from the Bible!  The worldview keeps changing.  God does not change and I find that very satisfying.  It is ironic that the ever-shifting worldview has started concluding some of the same things as God established thousands of years ago.    

                So that’s it.  Short and sweet.  My shortest post yet.  God’s Way is the best way.  The journey to get there has been hard and equally rewarding in my physical, spiritual, and emotional health.  I will post on some of these points mentioned in this post in the future.  Please let me know if there is a topic in particular you would like for me to delve into for you. 

I encourage you to start the journey.  How?  Ask God!


What has God done for you in your physical health?