I think I have infected my girls with the travel bug.  Whenever there is the opportunity to go and see, they practically quiver with excitement waiting on the experience.  Travel in all forms is a great way for families to connect.  We make a point to make a memory connecting with each other during all field trips and travel experiences. 

For our homeschool, field trips are invaluable.  I use them as an opportunity to add color and life to our lessons.  Fieldtrips are an opportunity to explore the world around us in a personal way.  We get to make a connection to the topics being studied.  It is also a wonderful way to break up the day-to-day schedule of activities that are so often the killjoy of education.  We do some field trips with our homeschool group friends.  We do other field trips that are just our family.  In some of these posts, I discuss the positive and negative aspects of doing field trips with other people.  I also include a series of suggested field trips we have done that may be of interest to you. 

We travel as much as possible for vacations and day trips.  We try to take a trip, even a long weekend trip, every season with one large trip in the summer.  I realize that for some people a vacation means to “vacate” their home and sit and relax somewhere.  When they get done sitting and relaxing they go home.  That is fine.  You probably have a great time if you like to sit and do as little as possible. 

I would die.  I enjoy going.  Just the act of going is fun for me.  ‘Going’ is relaxing.  I enjoy doing.  I want to do something or try doing something new.  I want to explore.  I want to see something new or tour something new.  I want to learn.  I want to learn about people, history, cultures, technology, FOOD, the natural world of God, and the list goes on and on.  For me, vacations are just the ultimate expression of field trips on steroids.  On top of that, I want to do as much as I can because God only knows when and if I ever get to pass that way again.  We pack more into a single trip than some people do in a year.  That statement is probably not much of an exaggeration when you think of how little most people go and do outside of their typical activities. 

All four of us have a blast.  My girls enjoy traveling so much on these trips that every trip thus far, they have begged us to just keep traveling and never go home.  They love to go and see and do as much as my husband and me.  My husband and I plan trips with a wide variety of activities to appeal to individual interests.  We also try to mix up walking days with sitting days as well as days that are slower to let our bodies rest.  Because we travel so extensively, people have started asking us for our travel itineraries.  Other people have asked us for travel suggestions or want to know how we travel—the mechanics of it.  There will be posts about how to plan these types of full speed trips.  There are also posts about places we recommend traveling to see.

We are in the middle of converting our van to use as an “RV”. However, we want our van to be a van for school and regular life the rest of the year.  We have the challenge of it being dual purpose so that everything can be removed and replaced for both van needs.  I have posts about that experience as well.  I hope that the information in these posts spark the travel bug in your family and you will go and explore the world God created. 

Who knows, maybe we will meet down the highway someday!