Rhonda is a forty-something woman of God.  She accepted Christ as her Savior on Christmas day when she was seven years old.  Like all of us, she has waxed and waned in her relationship with Jesus.  In the last decades, she has passionately pursued knowing and fellowshipping with Christ on a daily personal level.  God has pulled Rhonda through many trials and celebrations.  Each part of the journey opens new interests and opportunities. 

Rhonda received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Speech Language Pathology.  She worked for many years with children and adults with severe disabilities who needed Augmentative and Alternative Communication Systems (AAC) (a different way to communicate when speech is not possible).  She completed her Doctorate in Speech Language Pathology with her primary area being AAC with minor areas in language development, autism, and cultural differences.  Although currently not practicing, she continues to advocate for individuals with severe communication disabilities and often donates her time and services to local families in need as part of her ministry outreach.  Rhonda can also be found most Sunday Services at church interpreting for her Deaf friends. 

Currently, Rhonda is homeschooling two very bright children.  She is a traditional homeschooler but her homeschool is anything but common.  She enjoys sharing what she has learned in the midst of storms as well as practical tips for future homeschoolers.  She is currently the president of her homeschool support group and advocates strongly for individual choices in education and encourages women to seek other homeschoolers for Christian fellowship and community.  She is a member of state and national homeschool organizations.

One of Rhonda’s favorite parts of being a mother and homeschooler is travel in all forms.  Rhonda has a wealth of experience traveling in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean islands, and Europe.  She enjoys sharing about how to incorporate local field trips and long vacations into the homeschool experience so that the lives of her family are enriched.  Rhonda often plans her homeschool support group’s field trips.  Many people have asked for her travel itineraries as well as field trip ideas.  Learning about the world Christ created up close and personal is a favorite theme of hers in field trips and vacations.

God redirected Rhonda’s family life due to a variety of health issues.  In desperation, Rhonda turned to an intense study of God’s word as it related to nutrition.  God has revealed many things to Rhonda about feeding the body and the spirit.  She is in the process of publishing a book about the message God taught her through this comprehensive study of food, diet, nutrition and the Bible.  Sharing the joy and freedom of Christ in daily life experiences is one of her passions.

Rhonda has spoken at national and international speech pathology conventions.  She has spoken at a variety of mom’s meetings for preschoolers as well as homeschooling groups on numerous topics.  Her favorite speaking topics focus on what Christ does in our daily lives.  She continues to be available for speaking engagements as part of her ministry outreach.